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The Fundraiser that was a $5k HIT (A-Thon)!

(We are SO doing this again) In the summer of 2015, we decided to do a fundraiser for the Lymphatic Education & Research Network and it was something that was near and dear to my heart… We did a HIT-A-THON and we raised $5,000! There was SO much support from friends and the community and we were so grateful for that. We had close to 100 people come hit pitches on August 1st, 2015. There were so many cool parts of doing this fundraiser. Here are at lease some of them. WE WERE ON TV!!! We were gifted help from a local PR agency, Pennino and Partners that got me and my family on TV and radio leading up to the event! It also got us posted on many different websites, like our press release on Woo

Hey Athletes, Play for a Cause...At ANY Level!

One of the main goals on my podcast is to interview professional athletes about their charity work, foundations, and how they give back to the community. The concept ties together two things that I love, one is helping people and the other is sports! But it struck me this morning, why wait until you’re a professional athlete to start helping and giving back? I think that professional athletes feel the need to do it because of the spotlight that they’re in and the money that they make, however those are not things that should drive you to help others. Of course, I’ll take it, regardless of what drives you. So, I am going to encourage athletes at every level, including college and high schoo

Lymphatic Malformation Doesn't Control Me

My parents have talked to me a lot about how my lymphatic malformation isn't who I am. It is something I have. And something I have to deal with. But, it's not who I AM. That can be a hard pill to swallow when I am not feeling well and my tongue is swollen. And then in a matter of days, I'm not feeling well again and my tongue is swollen, etc., etc. But I do believe it. I believe in the saying that "my adversity is my power". That means a couple of things. First, it means that for 16 years, I have persevered through the swellings and eight surgeries and I have played a lot sports, continue to push through and go to school even when I'm not sure I can focus. I hope and believe that type of pe

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