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A Shining Example of Advocating for a Cure

This past weekend, the WBA (World Baseball Academy) 9U Knights wore "ATTACK the Cure" jerseys during their whole tournament! That included a total of 5 games over two days. The director and head coach of this organization is Angel Romero and his son Sebastían is on the team.

This effort and gesture to help raise awareness is an amazing example of what can be done to advocate for a cure! Zachary and our whole family are so very grateful for the thoughtfulness and effort that went into doing this. Special thanks goes to Meghan Scank, one of the moms from the team. She donated the jerseys and helped organize everything!

One funny story was the unexpected part of the jerseys...all of them had "BERGER" on the back as their name! I did not expect that! I thought their names would be on there or no names and just their numbers. It ended up being a very cool addition that made Zachary and all of us feel really special!

What was more impressive and touching than anything was the attitude of the boys. They were gracious in the effort and understood that they were doing something for a cause. On top of that they were respectful of their coaches and the sport itself and they really good baseball players! Zachary was in the dugout for three of the games, helping them with their line up, helped them warm up and even coached first base for an inning and made a mound visit at one point! It's only been 8 years since Zachary was in their shoes, but I will tell you, he looked like a giant among them! LOL

With Z's love for baseball, this is a perfect example of what we would love to see more of in the future. The idea of other youth tournament teams doing this, high school teams and ultimately, getting a professional MLB player to represent Zac's Attack is all in our dreams! We are consistently looking for ways to raise awareness of lymphatic malformation. The more eyes on Zac's Attack for a Cure and the more times people learn about LM, the more energy and money will go into a cure, treatment and overall understanding.

Do you know of a team that would be willing to advocate? Maybe it's a jersey, or a helmet sticker or patch. Maybe it's a banner at the field. Maybe it is a specific game or tournament that includes a visit from Zachary to the team/field/game.

How can you make an impact?

Who do you know that may be willing to help?

Who do you know that may know someone?

We are committed to asking and searching for willing advocates, so kids (and adults) with lymphatic malformation will suffer less and thrive more!

Click on the image below and scroll through the gallery of photos from the weekend:

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