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Coronavirus / COVID-19, Quarantine and Lymphatic Malformation

It's been extremely distracting lately, while at the same time having way too much time on my hands to write anything. But I wanted to make sure to weigh-in on all this madness. Not that I have any opinions or positions on it all in general, but maybe from the perspective of lymphatic malformation. During this quarantine, which has now been over five weeks, my hair has gotten way too long, my sleep patterns are wack and I have dealt with about eight different instances where my tongue was swollen and in pain. My parents are great about making sure we have enough Tylenol, Advil and popsicles as well as their loving support (which is ALWAYS by the way). I have hardly left the house at all, oth

Taking my Voice to Congress in 200 Words or Less

I just posted my story to the Lymphatic Education & Research Network as they will be putting together a web page that will be Voices to Congress and tell the stories of the thousands that suffer from lymphatic disease. Here is what I wrote: I am a 16-year-old sophomore in Texas. The impact lymphatic malformation has had on my life is dramatic, because it not only has impacted me, but my family as well. I was born with macro-cystic and micro-cystic cysts in my neck, jaw and tongue. I have had 8 surgeries including a tongue reduction surgery where they cut 7 millimeters out of the middle of my tongue and sewed the two sides back together. I also had some of the tip of my tongue removed. I cont

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