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You Are Not Alone

What a special day and incredible experience. Thank you to KPRC 2 and Houston Life, but especially Joe Sam!

Four Leaf Clover (by Sadie)

My sister Sadie is 11 and she wrote this in school today. The prompt or story starter was "Four Leaf Clover". If I had a four leaf clover I would wish to cure everyone with lymphatic disease. Mainly because my brother has that. He is such an amazing, kind person and I wish he didn't have to struggle with that. Lymphatic disease is very rare and not well known. Basically, there are a lot of types, but my brother specifically has lymphatic malformation, or LM. So, if that wish came true I would be so happy that he wouldn't have to do deal with it. He is so important to me, so that wish would really mean everything to me and my family. I've always wanted to cure him because every time he has a

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