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Coronavirus / COVID-19, Quarantine and Lymphatic Malformation

It's been extremely distracting lately, while at the same time having way too much time on my hands to write anything. But I wanted to make sure to weigh-in on all this madness. Not that I have any opinions or positions on it all in general, but maybe from the perspective of lymphatic malformation.

During this quarantine, which has now been over five weeks, my hair has gotten way too long, my sleep patterns are wack and I have dealt with about eight different instances where my tongue was swollen and in pain. My parents are great about making sure we have enough Tylenol, Advil and popsicles as well as their loving support (which is ALWAYS by the way).

I have hardly left the house at all, other than a few walks. My parents say (and I agree) that the risk of me getting this virus, especially if it is respiratory is off the charts. Breathing is a delicate or even challenging thing for me sometimes, and adding any kind of virus that causes breathing problems with no medicine for it is not worth hanging out with friends, going to the store or anything else.

School has been cancelled for the year, but when we were talking about the possibility of going back in May, I would have most likely stayed home anyway.

One thing I am going to be starting soon that really excites me is that I am going to start live streaming on Twitch, playing MLB The Show! I can't wait to share that as soon as I start. More to come!