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Lymphatic Malformation Doesn't Control Me

My parents have talked to me a lot about how my lymphatic malformation isn't who I am. It is something I have. And something I have to deal with. But, it's not who I AM.

That can be a hard pill to swallow when I am not feeling well and my tongue is swollen. And then in a matter of days, I'm not feeling well again and my tongue is swollen, etc., etc.

But I do believe it. I believe in the saying that "my adversity is my power". That means a couple of things.

First, it means that for 16 years, I have persevered through the swellings and eight surgeries and I have played a lot sports, continue to push through and go to school even when I'm not sure I can focus. I hope and believe that type of perseverance does and will translate into other areas of my life as I grow up.

Second, is my drive to share my story, create awareness and help others. It's very different sharing my story, because up until a few months ago, unless you were in my family or a really close friend, you didn't know I dealt with any of this. Or, if you did know, you didn't know what it was called or what it did to me. I kept it pretty quiet.

But not anymore. There are just too many kids that are mis-diagnosed and too many unknowns around lymphatic malformation. I want to continue to look for ways and places to tell my story.

So, thank you for your support, for reading this and the other stuff we have posted and following our cause and spreading the word.

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