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How Do You Advocate for a Cause?

We all have our favorite sports teams and bands. We wear their shirts and jerseys, rock the stickers on our cars and talk to people about them. Like, "did you see that game...?" or "have you heard that song by...?". It's also sharing their stuff on social media and for us older folks, putting posters up in your room (who remembers Farrah Fawcett and

That is advocacy. It's fandom. Why don't we have those things and those conversations for charities? Granted, charities don't provide you with entertainment like sports and music or even Farrah. But, I'm not saying advocating for a charity should replace those things, but why not be ADDED to those conversations?

Become of a fan of helping people.

Selfishly, I want you to become a fan or Zac's Attack for a Cure.

I know many people that know Zachary would say they ARE fans of him and his cause. And that is very cool. Many have bought t-shirts and donated. But there is another level and it has nothing to do with donating more money. It's about wearing the cause as a badge. It's about learning a bit more about lymphatic malformation so you can speak to it (just a little) and be able to share the urgency for attention to it. It's about looking for opportunities to get more attention. Think creatively...for the cause.

Do you know someone that runs a business? Can you talk to them about how to participate in a fundraiser?