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Lymphatic Malformation Surgery Chronicles - Tongue Reduction pt. 3

Surgery Day

There is no doubt I was pretty nervous on the day of my surgery but I know it was for the best. My doctor, Dr. Joseph Edmonds (in Houston, TX), is originally from Kansas City and so I thought I would wear my Royals hat to the hospital. I figured it’s better to have the doctor that is going to operate on you in a good mood before he starts, right? By the way, the reason I have a Royals hat is because I collect MLB hats and I’m not far away from having every hat in the league.

At the hospital, (Texas Children’s Hospital in the medical center in Houston), I remember having the hospital gown and my hat on as we met with the doctor before. He talked to my mom and dad and just like before any surgery, my mom had to threaten Dr. Joe, that he better take care of her baby. He is totally cool with that threat by the way! And, we’re all happy to say that he has come through with flying colors every time.

Of course the last thing I remember before the surgery was putting on the gas mask and counting backwards. I know that didn’t last long. The next thing I remember was waking up and seeing my mom and dad and being in a lot of pain. This photo is me sleeping in recovery:

My mom and dad tell me that the surgery took about 2 1/2 hours and while they were in the waiting room with my grandparents, a good friend that works with my Mom came by, Dr. Sterchy, and she brought a care package for my parents and grandparents while they nervously waited. Love you Dr. S!