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Lincoln Memorial - Where I will speak for LE&RN
Capital Hill


Join me in D.C. March 26-28, 202 as I give a speech from the steps of Lincoln Memorial. Please read below!



Good morning Zac,

I was so happy to hear from your Dad that you and he were interested in joining LE&RN in DC for Lobby Day and the Walk & Rally. We immediately had one thought: 

Let’s ask Zac to give the keynote address at the Walk & Rally
on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial!

As one of our first Youth Ambassadors, we’ve watched you grow into a young man of great maturity and confidence. We’ve been following your journey on social media, and all of us at LE&RN agree that you have a story that needs to be told. Your words will motivate and encourage the crowd in a way that no other story has.

Lymphatic malformation needs to be part of the national conversation, and you’re just the person to accomplish that. 

So, here’s what we’re asking:

Join us in DC March 26-28, 2020

March 26 - LE&RN Lobby Day Reception (6-9, location TBD)

Meet with other attendees, celebrity spokesperson Kathy Bates, and hear from NIH speakers about how they plan to make lymphatic diseases a priority in research and funding.

March 27 - LE&RN Lobby Day on Capitol Hill

Join other advocates from Texas and surrounding states as you visit the offices of your elected officials in both the Senate and the House.

March 28 - LE&RN DC Walk & Rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial

  • Share your personal story of perseverance and inspiration

  • Educate the crowd on Lymphatic Malformation

  • Join us in the ribbon cutting, and lead the crowd around the Reflecting Pool to the Washington Monument, and then return to the Lincoln Memorial

Sending warm hugs to the whole Berger family.

Colleen McGuire

Chief Operating Officer

261 Madison Avenue, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10016

40 Garvies Point Road, Suite D, Glen Cove, NY 11542  p: 516-625-9675  f: 516-625-9410

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